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Monday, March 19, 2012

our last few days

This is just going to be a random, catch up post from the last few days. :)

Owen and I took a short road trip to Effingham to visit with Sara, Phil, and Liana for lunch.  We had an amazing lunch at Firefly Grill.  If you're ever in Effingham, you really should eat there.  Great stuff.  Of course, I felt like we started and never finished a million conversations since we're now chasing kiddos all over the restaurant.  We were luckily by the outside deck and pond which kept Owen occupied some of the time.  It was wonderful to see them and celebrate Phil's birthday.  They also had our car seat base which I figured might be a good thing to get back since we'll be needing it in about 4 weeks. :)
when did she get so big?
Holly and some others planned a great kid friendly event at church on Friday morning. Duke Otherwise is fun musician who put on a cute, interactive show for our little ones. Although Owen spent much of the time trying to crawl onto the stage, he did have a few moments of pure fun dancing with Keira, or KiKi as he calls her. He's been wanting to watch these videos over and over! Watch out Micah, do you see that look of longing in Owen's eyes? :)

We did lots more work around the house on Saturday. William let me have a couple hours to run errands in the morning. It's amazing how much I can get done without my "helper" tagging along. I also dug through all of Owen's clothing tubs. Note to self: keep white onesies and gender neutral clothing separate this time around to save from having to go through 6 tubs!! I pulled out a few things that we can make work for Ellie and got out the baby toys to disinfect. This week I'm washing blankets and car seats. Ahh, I can't believe it's time to do this already. Owen had fun looking through some of William's tubs and trying on his hats.
Last night, I would just like to document that Owen went to sleep in his big boy bed with no crying and slept from 7pm-5am with no assistance.  Umm, this is the first time this has EVER happened.  This was probably largely due to the lack of a good nap and that William took him to the park and ran him hard in the hot weather.  But I will take it.  We've been having to go in around 2am and either sleeping on the floor or laying in bed with him for awhile.  Not ideal for my large belly right now, but we're excited that he's been out of our bedroom for 5 days now!  Just in time for baby 2 to take his spot. :)

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  1. YES! Go Owen! Bet that 10 hours was the best 10 hours of your life!!


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