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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

God's provisions

I just had to document two little stories of how God provides, even for things that seem silly. We've been on a strict budget lately. I mean strict. I've been getting back on the couponing bandwagon and trying so hard to pass up all the cute girly things that El doesn't really need. Once while at Walmart a couple weeks ago, I saw the cutest little yellow and gray outfit. I put it in my cart because it was too adorable to not add to her wardrobe.  I could already picture the bow I would make to match it. But once I got up the cashier, I sadly handed it back to her, knowing every little outfit like that adds up and makes me way overspend on our "groceries." It wasn't too many days later I got to see my mom who of course always has something for Ellie or Owen with her. And would you believe it, the first outfit she showed me was the one I didn't buy. And she had liked it so well too that she bought it in 2 sizes! I literally almost cried. It was such a little thing, but I love how God blesses us when we're faithful with the little things.
The other cool story is from this week. I needed new contacts badly, but of course had to have another eye exam since it had been longer than a year. William was a little concerned about how the exam and new contacts would be able to be paid for this month. I told him I'd keep the exam, but beg for a cheaper version of my contacts or just go back to wearing my glasses more.
Now if you don't know this, you're actually not really supposed to get your eyes checked while your pregnant because pregnancy often changes your prescription for the worse.  I have a small prescription to begin with, just enough that I get a headache without my glasses, squint at the computer, and driving at night makes me nervous. The doctor checked my eyes multiple times and kind of laughed when she said I might not have to worry about getting cheaper contacts because I really didn't need them anymore! In my pregnancy situation, my eyesight has actually improved quite a bit. I could benefit from a super small prescription, but said within a week of not wearing anything, my eyes would probably be just fine without any corrective wear.  She recommended me "weaning off" my contacts this week and still wearing glasses for night driving or knitting, etc.  And she was so nice about the future.  She's going to recheck me in about 3 months after Ellison arrives and not re-charge me!  So at least for a few months here, we can take the contact line off our budget.  What a fun little gift from God!


  1. Yay! Cute outfit :)

    Who is your eye doctor? I don't like mine.

  2. What a wonderful story! You have such a great testimony! That dress is just absolutely adorable and I really wish your eye sight story can happen to me someday too! ;-)

  3. These stories totally remind me of the words Happy spoke over you guys at a VLT (was it?)...awesome blessings no matter how small they may seem!


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