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Monday, May 21, 2012

Comical Doctor’s Visit

Well, I will not be winning the mom of the year award after today’s doctor’s appointment.  It began badly when I dressed my kiddos like it was yesterday (read: in the 90’s) when in reality it was in the 70’s.  Oops.  Poor cold baby without even a blanket.

We arrived 10 minutes early and got called right away.  Score, we were going to be in and out.  Or so I thought.  40 minutes after the nurse left the room we were still waiting.  I was out of ways to keep my already grouchy toddler entertained, so I (as politely as I could) asked the nurse where the heck the doctor was.  Actually, we weren’t even getting to see the doctor today, just the nurse practitioner.   The nurse hunted her down somehow now that everyone was nearing melt-down time.

Ellie did ok until she realized she was hungry and started screaming.  It was around this time, I was talking with the np about Owen.  William’s been wanting me to take him in for awhile.  He’s has a runny nose and a little bit of a goopy eye.  But I just chalked it up to allergies and sleeping with the windows opened.  But I asked her a few questions and she said she could check him out.  Owen quickly decided he wanted nothing to do with her and started screaming as she looked in his nose and ears.

Blasted.  Ear infection.  How long has the poor little guy had that and I just said he was fine?  Now I know antibiotics aren’t even 100% necessary for ear infections, but the mommy guilt was raging now.

We now have 2 screaming children who have been in this little room for about an hour.  Our sweet nurse, Katie came in with stickers which helped calm down Owen.  But then, as I was strapping in my screaming baby, the very old np gave me some advice on how I really needed to get a double stroller because Owen could just run away fast.  Umm, thanks.  Want to buy that stroller for me?  And Owen's not really a runner, but thanks for your two cents.


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