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Sunday, May 13, 2012

pizza time

We have been so blessed to be getting a TON of meals from friends. For someone who doesn't love to cook, I cannot even tell how amazing this is. Seriously, I think I'll keep having babies just for the meals. :) Ok, just joking. But on the nights off, I've been making super easy prep meals as Ellie is usually screaming (more on this later). I've been wanting to try my friend, Anne's recipe for homemade pizza and now that we've tried it, I'm never buying frozen again! Super easy and it was fabulous. And it can be changed up in so many ways depending on your toppings. The thing I love is that the recipe makes 2 crusts and 2 sauces, so I made one set and froze the other for next week. And the dough doesn't need to rise, so it was very easy to make and use right away.  Click HERE for her recipe and tips.  It's Owen approved:
umm, on the pizza, not in the mouth


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