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Thursday, May 10, 2012

library story time

Last Tuesday (5.1.12) was one of our first ventures out of the house with 2 kids. Of course, it was pouring rain, but I refused to let that stop us. We try to go every week to Tuesday Twos at the library, a story time for 2-3 year old's. We often see Garrett there, a little boy we sometimes babysit. Of course, my camera battery died before I could get a picture of Ellie's first trip to the library and I forgot my phone in the car. But here is Owen and Garrett:
But this week, I was better prepared.  He actually ventured off my lap this week for a bit, which is big news for my little introvert.  Ellie slept through everything.
 Yes, that bow is stuck on her head.  With what. . .well, that's a whole other post. :)
 Her outfit for the day.  I love that little shirt I made her.  And what did she do?  A huge blow out!  This girl is good at her blow outs.

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