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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy 1 Month!

My sweet baby girl is one month old.  It’s going doubly fast this time as many people warned me it would.  With Owen, I would spend hours gazing at him sleeping and watching his every breath.  With Ellie, I’m lucky to be able to look at her for a few moments before putting her in the swing to go make lunch or clean up another toddler mess.  :)  But she is such a delight.   Well, when she’s not screaming.  But more on that in a sec.  Here’s all the info you might want to know about her first month on Earth.

Stats/Appointment: Holy cow, she is up to 10 lbs, 7.9 ounces (82nd percentile).  That’s 2 pounds gained  in  one month! She is measuring in at 22 inches (77th percentile) and her head is 37.8cm, which is the 65th percentile.  See previous post about the rest of the appointment.

Overall: In general, she is definitely a more high-needs baby than Owen was.  Week 3 was super hard.  There was a couple nights she screamed from 5-11pm and I was starting to look up colic and milk allergies.  But this past week has been much better.  She definitely has that normal newborn fussiness in the evening and is on  the boob from 7-10 easily.  I have to remind myself that this is normal for newborns and I’ll get my evenings back eventually to craft, or well, to do anything.

yep, this is her normal.  scremaing.

Sleeping: She is still sleeping lots during the day which is great for Owen and I time.  She loves the swing and spends a majority of her naps in there during the day.  At night, she sleeps in the pack and play in our room and has been giving me a good 4 hour chunk at the beginning of the evening.  Then, I usually pull her into bed with me for easiness sake.  She usually nurses at least 2 more times during the night and is up for good around 7.   Here’s a boring video of my little snorer.

Nursing: She is a champ nurser.  I mean, 2 pounds in a month, my goodness!  Unlike Owen, who was a 7 minute one sided nurser, Ellie would eat all day long if I’d let her.  She takes her time and always nurses on both sides.  Rarely do I get a couple hours before she’s rooting around again.  So, needless to say I’ll welcome the routine that comes at about 3 months, but for now we’re just going with the flow and whipping the boob out at all times of the day.  Her poor tummy gurgles quite a bit and she definitely needs to be burped several times each time she eats.  She also has blow-outs like I’ve never seen before.  Holy cow, Owen never had blow outs like this! :)

How I’m doing: Overall, I feel like I’ve transitioned pretty well to a mom of 2.  We’ve been out quite a few times and have survived getting out of the house by ourselves (although it’s so much easier with William).  During week 3 there was a couple nights where I may have shed a few tears wondering if she would ever stop crying, but this week has been TONS better!  Starting to feel in the mood to watch the food intake.  Up until now I’ve been enjoying the meals people have brought and since William doesn’t love brownies, I’ve gladly eaten every single one that has made their way into our house.

Other random items: She’s doing a great job tracking objects with her eyes and is holding her head up great!  She also in the last few days has been starting to put weight on her legs like she’s “standing up.”  No smiles yet, but I think we’re getting close.  She still refuses to take a pacifier (Lord help us).  I’ve tried 5 different ones, but no luck.  Maybe she’ll find her thumb?  This girl has boogers. I mean massive boogers every morning.  The blue booger sucker is definitely not her friend at the moment.  She enjoys her car seat.  Hallelujah.  Another first.  While getting in isn’t fun, once the car is moving, this girl is usually out.  It has made for getting out and doing things much easier than I thought it would be!  IMG_1389

She enjoys tummy time much more than her brother ever did.  While on her tummy or her play may, Owen loves to bring each of his cars and tell her color of each one.  And then smoother her in kisses.  It’s pretty adorable.  She loves the Moby wrap and it’s made a few grocery trips with the 2 of them possible:IMG_6741

She loves her bows and headbands.  Haha.  Well, I’m making her love them.  She does wear one almost everyday.  I’ve heard I need to get her used to them now before she reaches the stage where she can rip them off her head.  :)IMG_6775

And our one month picture shoot.  The doll was one of my first dolls as a baby.  And yes, I made the tutu that I tortured her with.

IMG_6892 s

IMG_6917 IMG_6927 IMG_6897IMG_6929 IMG_6932 IMG_6940IMG_6942

Happy 1 month baby girl!  We love you so much and can’t imagine life without you in it!


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