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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

k+p wedding day

Just pretend I actually posted this when the date says I did.  :)

I actually don't have a ton of pictures from my brother's actual wedding day.  I was trying to just take it all in and their real photographer was great.  Can't wait to see his shots!  But here's the few I got.

Kara and the bridesmaids (myself, Jenna, Sarah, and Alex) drove about 1/2 hour to a great salon to get our hair done.  It was a great salon and the ladies were super sweet.
starting the curling process
Jenna will hate this picture, but it's the only one I have of you there!
Kara getting her make up done while the rollers cool off
the veil goes in!
Sarah gets instructions for how to take it out before the reception
Philip and Kara love to run together.  Aww.  So instead of regular ol' wedding shoes, Kara ordered these shoes from Nike in her wedding colors.  And I know you can't see it super clearly but on the tongues is the wedding date.  LOVE them (and her pretty necklace!)
After getting our hair done, we headed back to the church where finished up makeup and I steamed our dresses with a little handheld steamer my mom bought.  I truly really loved these dresses.  They looked good on everyone and were so comfy to wear.  She let us pick whatever shoes we wanted and gave us beautiful pearl earrings and a bracelet to wear!
We put out the finishing touches of decor and ate some lunch. 
Then it was getting dressed time!
just gorgeous!
Kara seeing her dad for the first time all dressed
beautiful train
Aunt Jenna with Ellie
And there ends the pictures I took at the wedding.  Haha, so pathetic.  But I was too busy having fun!  Can't wait to show you some of their professional ones. Here's a few more I stole from facebook:
the siblings
my sister and me
me and my sweetie
Jenna and Casey
getting in the car
at the head table at the reception
cutting the cake
me and the gorgeous bride
passed out from all the fun on the dance floor
they made it most of the night
What an amazing weekend celebrating our awesome new addition to the family.  William and were super jealous and they honeymooned for 2 weeks in St. Lucia where we went on our honeymoon.  So fun.

Welcome to the family Kara!!

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