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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

let the wedding fun begin {my crafts for K+P}

This is wedding week for my brother and sister in law to be!  We’re so excited to be a part of their celebration this weekend.  I’ve been crafting up a storm to help them out for the big day.  I won’t post everything I’ve been working on to not give it away for them.  And some of them will look better in action, but here’s a few things:

Table numbers – We made a trip up to IKEA and snagged these white picture frames for $1 each!  TOLSBY Frame for 2 pictures IKEA You can display one picture on each side as the frame has no back panel.
Here's a video of Ellie helping with the table numbers:
I primed them with a plastic primer and them gave them 2 coats of gray spray paint. IMG_0617 Then I cut out all the table numbers out of coral cardstock and viola. .. table numbers that are simple, classy, and not hard on the budget.IMG_0818Wedding wands:
For their send off at the church, Kara wanted ribbon wedding wands for everyone to wave.  Upon a quick Pinterest search, these are quite the fad and there were many tutorials on ladies did there.  We wanted to keep them simple (no bows or bells attached).  I used her 2 main colors and as a fun surprise, I added a p+k at the bottom using iron-on vinyl.    s IMG_0837 IMG_0841Picture 860Want to see all the vinyl before it went on?Picture 875 Here's the kids practicing waving them:
Kids coloring book:
This was something I did for my wedding and as it was a huge hit, I recreated it for Kara and Phip.  012695I updated the cover to use their invite graphic and recreated a few of the pages to make it more for “them.”  I had them printed and bound at Office Max.   I tied boxes of crayons with coral and gray ribbons and they’re now ready for all the little people at their wedding!IMG_0820IMG_0823 IMG_0824 IMG_0825 IMG_0827I’m so thankful Kara let me help out in this way.  In another life, it would be so FUN to be a wedding planner and help people execute the visions they have for their big day.  Can’t wait to show you a few more creations after we get back!

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