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Monday, August 26, 2013

New Job and Children's Museum!

William got a new job!  Here's the short story.

He saw a job posting for a job with the city.  It was for a building code reviewer position.  Basically, architects submit plans to the city and they approve (or don't approve) the plans for a building permit.  He asked his old boss (a local architect who he worked for before we moved to Lafayette) for a reference and applied.  He made it to the final 2 candidates but didn't get it.  But when he emailed his old boss to thank him for the reference, they began to dialogue.  And long story short, a few months later, William had an official offer from his old boss at Smith/Burgett Architects.  It's a pretty lateral move and he'll be doing similar things, but he trusts the boss immensely and we'll finally get a stipend for health insurance.  YAY!  When he told his current boss about the new opportunity, he basically said he could just give him 1 week.  (we weren't shocked by this)

So we had a whole week of William home with us!  Not going to lie, we were all ready for our normal routine by the end of the week.  Haha.  But we did have some fun.  We went to Bloomington/Normal to their awesome children's museum. So wish we had one of these in town:
Ellie LOVED the water table
Owen's favorite area was the pizza making station.  He made pizzas with different toppings, baked them, rang them up, and pretended to deliver them.  It was pretty fun how "into it" he was!

pizza delivery truck
heartbeat drum

he wasn't brave enough to try and climb this last time - he made it up a few steps
The painting room was a huge hit.  They paint right on the wall and then spray and squeegee it off.  So fun!
We had a yummy lunch at Avanti's (another thing I want in Champaign) and then headed home as they took short naps in the car.  A very fun time with dad and it was nice to be able to go during the week when it's not so busy.

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