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Thursday, September 22, 2011

first trip to Curtis Orchard

Last week, William's parents were in town for the week, so we tried to show them around to some of the Champaign places they hadn't seen yet. Curtis Orchard was first on the list! William met us over there during lunch and we had a great time!  We of course came home with donuts, apples, and some other goodies.  I had never eaten lunch there, but I highly recommend the little cafe!  Our chili, homemade applesauce, and cornbread were delish!
hanging out with PawPaw before we left
just getting there and seeing dad!
umm, I don't get it.  am I supposed to smile?
he of course tried to sample the goat food himself
he was nervous at first, but eventually let them eat out of his hand
he liked the tractor!
he made his truck noises the whole time he was "driving"
Can't wait to go back today with Jenna to take some family pictures!! And of course get more donuts.

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