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Friday, September 9, 2011


I still have a hard time believing that as I type it. My little boy has been boob-free for the last week.  I really thought it would be an easier process than it was.  So many of my friends said, "oh (s)he was just ready" and "I just knew it was time."  I didn't really experience any of these things.  I had told myself that I would just see how things went this summer.  But as we were approaching August, I had dropped a couple feedings and the times he did nurse were super short.  But he was definitely not in any mood to stop them.  He would point at my chest, grab my shirt, and scream pretty good if he didn't get it.  But over the next few weeks, I just kept telling him that he was a big boy who drank milk from a sippy cup and offered the boob less and less.  And then last weekend, I just decided we were done.  He was pretty mad for a few days, but in the last couple hasn't even "asked" for it.  So I guess that means, he's weaned!

It has been such an incredible journey.  I am so thankful for the awesome breastfeeding I've had.  I know that not everyone has such a good experience.  He latched on from the get go:
And pretty much didn't let go.  I have truly loved breastfeeding.  It's been a wonderful experience with my little guy these last 15 months.  I thank God daily that I've been able to have a great supply, a guy with no latching issues, and a desire to do it that never wavered.  As it came to an end, I didn't shed any tears like I thought I might.  Largely because I know he won't be our last kiddo and I'll hopefully get to do this again!  And it will be nice to have my boobs to myself for awhile.



  1. Oh, I'm glad to hear that it doesn't have to be traumatic! Lately I've been sad because we're on the downhill slide to a year. Still not looking forward to it, but glad it went easily enough for you!

  2. Louise, you don't have to wean at a year. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding for two years, so if you aren't ready, don't feel pressured to stop.


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