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Saturday, September 24, 2011

week in review

Dear Diary,
This has been a really busy week and we're all tired.  So here's just a little recap of what's been going on, sans any pictures.

Tuesday: After I did a bad job pulling together outfits for a photo shoot, Jenna went out with me to help me shop and we found the perfect bright colored outfits for our upcoming pictures.

Thursday: Baby Ryder Austin made his appearance, finally.  Congrats to Lori, Randy, and big sister Avery!  We can't wait to bring you a meal and meet that sweet babe!  We also had a nice time at Curtis Orchard doing our last (for awhile) photo shoot with my sister before her big move to Denver.

Friday: Baby Audrey Edel was born to Michelle, Doug, and big sister Bella!  Cannot wait to meet this tiny beauty!  Then in the evening, Pam hosted the going away party for Jenna.  It went over great with amazing people and tasty food!  I think it  was a great way to send Jenna off although it did make it a little more real that she's really leaving. :(

Saturday: my parents spent the night and let us sleep in!  My dad and William then got Jenna's apartment packed up and moved into our basement.  She's living with us for the next week until she makes the move. Then I got to go the great football game with my dad while Owen stayed home!  We got to be in the skybox, which is so much fun with great food and oh my the dessert cart.  It was a great afternoon away and I think Owen had a great time with Grammy!

Whew, fun and busy week!  And oh the sweet new babies, cannot wait to meet them!

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