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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby #2 FAQ

Well, the word is out, but you blogger friends get the first dibs on all the info!  Owen is going to be a big brother!  We are so thrilled and excited!  So here's a couple commonly asked questions that I've been asked when people have found out!

When did you find out?
Tuesday, August 9 - saw this bright and early in the morning.  I resisted telling William (so hard) as I had an idea I wanted to do to tell him.
Wednesday, August 10 - went to do a pee test at Carle.  They require this now before they'll schedule an appointment.  Must have been implemented after I had Owen since I didn't have to do this.
Friday, August 11 - first major round of bloodwork - learned my progesterone was ok!  What an answer to prayer as I had to take progesterone for 14 weeks with O.
Saturday, August 12 - second round of bloodwork.  HCG was doubling and I started breathing a little easier.
Thursday, September 8 - had first ultrasound and saw a beautiful heartbeat (158 bmp).

When are you due?
Still a little up for debate depending on who you talk to, but on the official Carle papers, it's April 21st!  That means that Owen and his brother or sister will be about 22 1/2 months apart.

So, how far along does that make you?
I'm in week 11!

How did you tell William?
It was so hard not to tell him as I saw the 2 lines come up!  But as soon as he left, I got working on a little shirt for Owen and went and bought a non-cheapy pregnancy test.  My idea was to have Owen wearing it when he got home from work, but a friend decided to stop by right around that time.  So scratch that.  I was DYING.  So I sped Owen through dinner and gave him the fastest bath ever and changed him into the shirt and pj pants.  I had been making big brother/sister shirts for a friend, so it took William a second to realize that Owen wasn't just modeling a new shirt.  He jumped up off the chair, and we kissed and hugged.  Good times!  That Saturday, my mom was in town and we were able to tell her the same way and then texted the picture to my dad.  We Skyped later that night with William's folks with Owen wearing it as well!
How are you feeling?
Well, I've been trying really hard not to complain.  Because I am so so thankful that it took barely no time this round to get pregnant and that things are working so far.   So this will be my one time shot to say that I have been SO sick.  With Owen, I felt nauseous in the evenings and occasionally puked. But with this kiddo, I've been sick from sun up to sun down, throwing up at least twice a day.  When I was down 10 pounds in a couple weeks, my midwife gave me the option of starting some medicine.  The medicine is what they give to chemotherapy patients, so it's pretty good stuff.  My insurance only covered about 9 days of pills (wow, they are pricey).  The first day, I was back to my old self, but it must have been a placebo affect, because the puking came back full force the next day.  Just in the last couple days, I've been holding food down much better and am hoping that as I get closer to second trimester, things will only get better. And yes, most people hear this and have said "It's totally a girl."

Will you find out the sex (and tell us)? 
Yes and yes.  We'll be finding out late November, early December and will definitely share the news!  I would be so thrilled to get to use all of Owen's clothes again as the seasons will work out pretty good.  And so many of my friends have 2 little boys and it looks so fun to have a little playmate for Owen.  And it would be really helpful on my super tight budget.  But of course, we'd be over the moon too if it was a girl!  Cannot wait to find out!

Ok, I think that's it for now.  Knowing how awesome the end product of a baby is makes this so super exciting.  We are so thankful it took such a short time for it to work and we're in love with this little peanut already!

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  1. Congrats!!

    Is the medicine Zophran? That's what I'm on. I started by cutting Ito half but it wasn't helping enough so I took whole ones for a while...i was able to get more than nine but not enough for one per day. Now I'm back to half pills when I'm not feeling well and they help so quickly. I sometimes wonder if I've just trained my body to respond to the taste.


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