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Sunday, October 2, 2011

a visit from friend

Sara and Phil came for a short visit this weekend. No matter how short, it's always great to see them and that sweet little girl. They went on a date to a dinner at Prairie Fruit Farms.  We got to be the first babysitters to put Liana to bed!  She loves to bounce, so we got out Owen's jumperoo which she loved! 
She did great eating her sweet potatoes.  But come bath time, she wasn't too happy that we were loaning our baby bath tub to someone else, so she had to use the Bumbo.  Don't let this picture fool you.  They were both in tears before long.
But overall, we had a great time.  And when you get paid to babysit in beer, gelato, and raspberries, it's a good night.  Love you guys!

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