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Friday, October 7, 2011

what a great day

It's just been one of those I love my life as a mom kinda days. We've had a couple breakthroughs with sleep (more on that in a later post so I don't jinx anything) so I was feeling a bit more rested this morning. Owen and I decided we really needed some more Curtis Orchard honeycrisp apples, so we braved the almost-weekend crowd. It was definitely insane there with several buses of field trip groups. But we got a donut and cider slushie to share and then spent a forever long time swinging and looking at the crowds, playing on the tractor, and pushing his stroller around (since he no longer wants to ride, but walk).

Then, we went and picked up Subway and took lunch to William's office. We have never been there to meet everyone so it was high time! What an amazing place. Seriously, if you know of anyone who need an architect, look into KaP. Great place and great people.  Owen just made himself at home, pushing around chairs and showing off the 2 cars that never leave his hand currently.

When we got home, I had a total unexpected baby gift waiting for me from my friend Kimberly!  It's a fabulous knitting pattern book chalk full of adorable baby things.  That diaper cover on the front, oh my goodness can't wait to get it on my needles.  Thank you my friend (although your real thank you card is in the mail).
Then after a decent afternoon nap, we spent every minute we could soaking up the sunshine. We took a good walk and then got paintbrushes out so we could "paint" the patio with water. This seriously kept him busy for a good 30 minutes, which if you know much about a toddler's attention span, let's just say it's an activity we'll be doing again!
Then, William got home a little early so I could run to a baby appointment. It was a totally useless appointment, minus hearing that adorable heartbeat! 168bpm, much higher than Owen's, for anyone who cares to speculate.

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