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Monday, October 17, 2011

13 weeks (well, almost 14)!

How far along? 13 weeks last Friday, which means in the last week of trimester 1!
Baby: He/she now has fingerprints, is about 3 inches long, and weighs about an ounce.
How I'm feeling physically: still pretty awful. I tried to stop the medicine last week to see how I'd do and started puking again.  But at least with the meds, I'm holding down food and am just dealing with the all-day nausuea.  Poor hubby has had many a night with no meals cooked and the house looks disastrous.  But hey, Owen's still alive and I'm making another baby.  Can't ask much more of me on some days. :)
How I'm feeling emotionally: It hasn't totally sunk in yet, but the moments it does, I'm so excited.  Many of my mom friends have told me that going to 2 was easier than going to 1.  And if that wasn't true for you, umm, don't tell me. :)  I have had a couple moments of being sad over that fact that it won't just be Owen any more.  Sad that I'll have to divide the time that is right now, all his.  But I'm sure this is a pretty normal feeling.
Stuff I've done for baby: nothing.  umm,I'm not that much of an over-achiever. 
Starting to research: double strollers!  Whew, the info out there is overwhelming, but I already have a couple front runners.  This is really the only big-ticket item we'll need to purchase this time around.  I'm starting early so I can start saving up!
Movement: I swear I felt this kid move twice last week. Both times, I was holding Owen in the glider so his weight was pressed on my stomach and felt the all familiar flutters.  The midwife said this was very possible, even though I thought I was a crazy girl for possibly feeling it this early.
Food cravings: umm, nothing.  I really despise all food right now.  Of course, you can't ignore it when you have to feed a toddler who always seems hungry. 
Names: We're pretty sure we've settled on full names for a boy and girl. But what fun would if be if I gave them away this early in the game? A few that I love but that aren't going to make the cut this round: Kylie, Rylee, Charlotte, Harper, Regan, Benjamin, Finn, Cole, Beckett, and Drew.  I'll let you know sometime after we find out the sex in early December! 
And some really bad pictures: Whew, really need to get better at taking these when I look presentable (please excuse the bed head in pic 1 and the no makeup in pic 2).  But now that all my family is out of town, I've been told to be good about posting pictures of the growing bump.  Pretty sure I didn't have this size bump until week 18 or so with Owen, but everyone says it happens much faster with number 2.  I'm definitely just embracing the elastic pants (or my regular pants with a rubber band).



  1. When I was pregnant with Lucy I burst into tears on the way to work one day because I really liked having only one baby and I didn't want things to change....ahhh crazy hormones!

  2. 3 of your names are names of our melby neice and nephews! good taste!


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