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Saturday, October 15, 2011

total randoms

I have no real theme for this post, except for completely random thoughts.
  • Owen had a 3 day fever this week. Uggh.  There went all the good things that were going on with his sleep.  He was miserable, as were we.  This was pretty much what our days were like the last few days: popsicles, books, cuddling, and some TV.  Today he was finally fever-free and when I ran my hand over his gums, I found a new molar on both top sides.  Must have been the culprit.
  • When Owen's feeling like himself, he's a blast these days!  He's gotten some new words in the last few weeks.  He says apple, bubba (for baby), and we swear we heard him say Sophie tonight.  His newest thing is blowing on food when it's hot and doing his "it's cold" face.  This is hilarious.  We'll say freeze and he'll make this face and clench his hands.

  • He is such a boy!  He loves his trucks and usually can be seen with a little matchbox car in each hand.  He also loves balls and says football.  Ok, ok I'm the only one who can probably understand what's he saying, but it's still cute.  He would play outside all day and I'm kind of already dreading the long winter months.  I can see lots of trips to FCC's indoor playground in store for us!
  • So, I was looking at diaper bags online and William saw me and about choked.  Reminder that I have 3 diaper bags.  I told him I'd only need a new one if this baby is a girl.  :)  He said no way.  So I sold one of my bags on Ebay.  I thought I'd love the JuJuBe All, but I used it for a week when O was little, and it just wasn't the perfect bag.  I didn't get exactly what I was hoping to get for it, but it's made me want to go through the whole house and find other stuff to sell.  Already sold 10 things of yarn and a sleep sack that I never opened. 
  • Speaking of baby, I started my weekly baby posts.  But I just can't get around to finishing it.  And I need to start taking belly pictures.  So I'm guessing baby 2 syndrome has already started and I'll likely not do weekly posts for this little person.  Maybe bi-weekly?  I apologize baby.
  • Now that's it's cooler weather, I'm inspired to pick up my knitting needles again.  I finally found Owen a winter coat, so now I need to get going on a couple new hats for him.  My friend Angie is due any day now with a little girl, so I knit her a frog hat (oops, no picture) and this little number.  I have tons of new projects on my list.  And now that I'm feeling (a little) better, I need to get to making some bows for Ms. H too!

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