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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween story time

We tried to make it to storytime at Bella on Friday, but Owen wasn't feeling too hot thanks to these molars that are coming in. But we wanted to try out the cow costume, so on Saturday we set out to the Urbana Library's story time. It was pretty fun and had it's share of "Urbana characters." No offense to those of you who live in Urbana. For how many kids were there, it was pretty well organized and even though I feel like you should have to be a kindergarten teacher to run storytime effectively, that gal did ok. They read stories, sang a song or two and then sent the kids off to do 1 of 3 art projects. While the kiddos took their time doing their art stuff, we went and read some books and checked out all the toys in their kid area. Then we came back to the room for a neat Halloween snack. Overall, a really fun time!
dad helping Owen color his picture
come on, let's go look at the books
he loves the animals
he got really excited when he found the cow
not the best, but I had to prove I was there
a little snack before we left

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