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Monday, October 3, 2011

moved and pictures

So I wanted to write a nice post to wish my sister goodbye and good luck in Denver. But honestly, one minute it doesn't really feel real and the other minute I'm crying about it. I'm finding it hard to believe that we have no (immediate) family left in town.

I guess I'm just realizing that Owen's growing up will look slightly different than mine, which is fine, just different!  I grew up with with 21 cousins all in Champaign/Peoria and seeing them all the time. All of Owen's grandparents and aunts/uncles now live in 5 different cities in 4 states.   I know this is pretty norm these days. And we'll make it work with lots of road trips so he knows them all. And it doesn't look like he's getting cousins anytime soon. But anywho, we miss her already. Lots. So here's some of her awesome pictures from our last photo shoot at Curtis Orchard. I have over 200 and want to frame them all!


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