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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy 15/16 Months!

This post is a little bit overdue, hence the 15/16 months instead of just 15.  I blame the puking and wanting to go to bed at 6 every night.  But just wanted to do a little recap of this awesome time with Owen.  He is such a fun kid these days and I'm really trying to cherish every moment now that I know it always won't just be the 2 of us at home all day.
The Stats
Length: 31.25" (56th percentile)
Weight: 23lb 8oz (35th percentile)
Head Circumference: 45.2cm (6th percentile) - don't worry about your small head buddy.  there's a big brain in there.
New Things
WALKING, finally! Well, it took him awhile to get there, but I can officially say we have a walker. In the last couple weeks, he's been getting braver about letting go on his own and not only when there's someone to walk to.  I only have some really bad videos, so I need to catch a good one.  Here's a pretty bad one from when we were playing on the patio. He's still a little wobbly on his feet, but he can stand up now without having to hold onto something!

He lifts up his feet to get out of his pants and likes to try to "help" you button or zip his clothes.  He also loves to point out things that are on his shirts. In almost all of his books, you can ask him to point out things, and he can get them.  It's fun to see how much language he has in his head already.  Whenever you ask him a question that doesn't know the answer to, he holds his hands up like asking "what" or "I don't know." 
He jabbers all the time which is hilarious. He has a few words that very distinguishable. Mama for me, gaga for dada. Can't get those d's quite yet. He says 'melmo' for Elmo and clearly says ball. His truck noises and firetruck siren are awesome and he does a killer 'moooooo.'  If you ask him, Owen say ____, he'll always say something.  It's not quite distinguishable yet, but he almost always repeats back the right number of syllables.
Owen's still a really great eater!  His breakfast favorites are oatmeal, scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and any kind of fruit.  He'd eat any kind of fruit all day if I'd let him, well that is except for watermelon.  For lunches and dinner, the kid loves yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese sticks, (beef only) hot dogs - seriously, peas, corn, edamame, and anything we're eating for dinner of course!  He usually acts as if I never feed him and is never one to turn down a snack!
He had his first allergic reaction during lunch a couple weeks ago.   You can see by the picture that the red rash all around his mouth didn't seem to phase him at all.  The nurse I called recommended waiting 4 days and then reintroducing the foods I'd given him one at a time.  The only thing we haven't re-tried yet were the raw carrots with ranch dressing.  She guessed it was likely the carrots although he's never had this rash before with them.  Poor guy, I was really hoping we wouldn't have to deal with any allergies.
Can I skip this section?  In all honestly, since pregnancy tiredness hit, I've given up on any form of sleep training.  It's called get as much sleep as I can, any way I can get it.  Every little nap he takes, you can usually find me sleeping as well.  He takes about a 25-30 minute nap in the morning.  Although some days lately, he's been able to do ok without it.  So I think we're heading into that hard transition to one nap.  I have to kind of play it by ear every day right now.  His afternoon nap is also just 30 minutes, but sometimes I can get him to go back for another 30-40 minutes.  At night, he gets up 3-4 times and is currently coming into our room into his pack and play around 3ish.  It's the only way he'll go back to sleep.  We're both hitting major frustration levels, so we're trying to make a new game plan.  This kid has got to learn how to sleep before this baby gets here!

And to end this little rundown, here's a few pictures from the lovely sister of course:

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