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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tag Along Gym

I was very excited to get to take Owen to Tag Along Gym this past Thursday. Anne had invited us before but we couldn't make it. For local moms who want the info, it's held at the Savoy Rec Center on Thursday mornings from 9-11:30 and costs $3 ($4 for non residents).

We met Anne/Alex/Ben and 2 other moms and I was impressed with all the stuff they had out for the kids! It was a great way to hang out with some other moms and let Owen run off some steam since it was pouring all day long!  I was also excited to run into my neighbor who I've been trying to get to know better.  Some of the things they had were: slides, a table for snacks, big boxes to sit and color in, a tent with beanbags, lots of tunnels, balls, big blocks, tons of cars for pushing/riding, a little bounce house, and even a low balance beam. Even though it's not free like FCC, we will definitely be going again!
bad pic, but you can see Alex and Charlie having fun in the bounce house
favorite of the day: the slide!
just a shot of some of the other stuff they had out
I only got him to go in there by pointing out the cow on the rug

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