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Sunday, January 1, 2012

24 weeks

{insert picture of some fruit or vegetable that I'm too lazy to find right now}

Latest appointment: Last Thursday, I met with Vanessa, one of the midwives.  I had Owen with me so I was thankful that it was a super short appointment.  It really should not be allowed to weigh a pregnant lady the day she gets home from "Christmas vacation."  I'm pretty sure the weight gain was mostly cookies and not Ellie.  She must have been hyped up on something because her heartbeat was 170bpm which was the highest it's ever been.  She measured my stomach for the first time and it was right on track and everything else was great. 
Ellie: She is about a foot long now and weighs about a pound.  No wonder I'm feeling her move more and more!  Her lungs develop branches this week and her inner ear is completely developed.  In fact, she has basic control over all of her senses: hearing, touch, taste, smell and vision.  I find that pretty amazing!
Me: Holy batman are my boobs getting big.  Oh sorry, was that TMI?  But really, I need to get new bras and underwear as everything is a-growing.  I had my first Charlie Horse in my foot a couple nights ago.  Man, those are painful.  They suggest more water and Tums which did help keep them at bay with Owen.   
Cravings: So weird, but I've wanted tuna this week.  I know gross right.  And I know there's all the mercury warnings.  So I've only eaten it a few times.  But I could eat it for every lunch.  And fruit of course. 
Things I'm working on: I've started a knitting project or two, but the focus this week has been trying to get a plan for Owen and Ellie's bedroom.  I've mapped them out on graph paper and I think the furniture aspect is done.  I'm feeling good about Owen's decor too.  But still all over the place for this little girl's room.  I mean, I could go all crazy on one wall:
or simple neutral stripes:
I would really love to just do all neutral walls and on the one behind her crib, make TONS of these flowers in pinks and figure out how to get them to stay on the wall.  Oh, who knows.
Praying for: her birth.  I'm so looking forward to this already and yet, feeling anxious about getting plans in place for Owen and Jenna getting here.  So just praying for lots of peace and knowing it's out of my control anyways.  Also, a dear friend's BFF had her baby yesterday and had a rough delivery and 4th degree tear!  OUCH!  So praying for her, her sweet little girl, and for protection from this when Ellie arrives. 
And some belly pictures:

I match the outfit Sara bought Miss Ellie for Christmas!
my sweet boy in blue and the girls of the house in pink
And a comparison from Owen at 24 weeks.  I think I'm still a little bit smaller.

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  1. The pattern that you like is the same one that's on my bible! I love it!


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