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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas cards

I LOVE receiving Christmas cards. It's so fun getting precious snail mail with all the adorable pictures. This year I simply hung a few rows of red ribbon with command hooks and then hung all my Christmas cards as they arrived.
the very beginning.  I had to add another ribbon and that still wasn't enough room.
starting to get filled in behind me
Yesterday we took down all our Christmas decorations and wow did it look bare.  And I hate throwing cards away.  But thanks to Pinterest and this great blog, I printed off a cover (she has several options that are easy to print), punched holes in all my cards, and now have a little book of our cards.
I've saved ours for the last couple years, so I'll go back and do these too.  Now each Christmas, we can get out our books of cards and use them as coffee table books.  I look forward to seeing all of our friend's kiddos getting bigger each year!
one of our cards this year
and the other one (I couldn't decide)
:) love and miss her!

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