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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

21 Weeks

Happy more than halfway mark! Now that I'm feeling good, this pregnancy thing is just flying. Please excuse the terribly dark picture. I made William take one last night before small group because this poor girl only has about 3 belly pictures so far. I'll replace it with one where you can actually see something.

the Belly: I popped this week!  I'm actually starting to look and feel a little pregnant.  Woke up on Monday feeling like I had run a marathon or done the stair climber.  Then remembered that I was pregnant and my hips would probably be hurting from here on out. :)
Movement: I can feel her lots now.  Still just the little flutters, but definitely there.  Most often when I'm laying down at night (yep, still able to sleep on my back) or when I lay on my stomach when I'm coloring with Owen
Name: in case you missed the post on this, her name is Ellison Jakeh (or Ellie).  I love it more and more as I tell people.
Cravings: now that I am actually hungry, the weights coming on fast. :)  Oh well.  Fruit doesn't keep at our house with Owen and I eating it as fast as we are.  No other real cravings I can think of.
Preparations:  I haven't gone crazy yet, but I may have purchased a few things at All Things Kids last week and won an auction on ebay for a lot of headbands.  My big decision right now is deciding bedrooms.  I thought I was going to move Owen into the smallest room with the cute built in toy chest.  But as I'm trying to lay it out, it's going to be a very awkward room for a bed.  But would work fine for a crib.  So I may just keep him in his room.  Of course, it will get a paint job, maybe this big boy bed and a few other touches to make it more "grown up."
I'm still at a total loss for Ellie's room.  There's so many adorable options, I've having a hard time narrowing it down.  I know a few things for sure.  Not doing a bedding set.  I really didn't use O's bumpers much at all.  So I'll stick with getting a few cute sheets and having my mom make a bedskirt and curtains.  Pretty sure I'm not painting the room pink. Gasp.  I know you're all surprised.  But I'm leaning towards neutrals so that I can bring in pink in other areas.  Maybe big graphic 3D flowers on one wall?  Oh I don't know yet.
In Other News: well, I can't really think of any.  I don't have another appointment until the end of December, so nothing more to report.

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