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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Week

Is everyone else sighing a big sigh? It's over. :( All that build up and it's over. But it's been a really fabulous week with family and watching Owen actually experience Christmas. We spent this last week trying to finish a few craft projects. My wreath still only got half done. Maybe I'll post about that next year. :)

Owen and I did make these cute ornaments for William's parents and sister. I made them with my kindergarten class and let me tell you, making them with an 18 month old probably wasn't very smart. I just took a plain glass ornament and painted Owen's hand with white craft paint. Then I had him "hold" the ornament to get his handprint. Then, I took more craft paint pens to turn his hand into snowmen. Cute even though it took several tries to get a print worth using.

I have a slight problem being patient with Christmas gifts, so last Saturday (that would be the 17th) we let Owen open one small gift. It's a puzzle! Below that is how Sophie has spent the last month since the Christmas tree went up.
On Wednesday, Jenna was back in town to do some hair.  A few of us gals went to Pam's to catch up and decorate yummy Christmas cookies.
On Thursday morning, Owen and I headed over to Peoria.  It was a nice easy drive thanks to the early Christmas I bought for myself Owen - a DVD player for the car!  It was quite nice to listen to Old McDonald and not screaming.  We spent Thursday and Friday just hanging out at my parent's house.  We spent many hours playing with the hundreds of cars in the basement from my brother's childhoods.  It was a great way to lead up to our busy holiday weekend!

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