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Saturday, December 31, 2011

last day in Peoria

Our last full day in Peoria was fun! Jenna gave Owen his first official hair cut. Well, she was able to get the back trimmed up before he totally lost it. The sides and top will have to wait.  I got one bad picture:
Then, my siblings left us to go get inked.  As in tattoos.  The full report about the words on their arms is written here.  Instead of participating in getting stabbed with a needle, we stayed home and Owen and Grandpa got to see the cows.  They got super close thanks to the apples and potatoes they were feeding them!

That evening, we headed to my grandma's house to celebrate Philip's 27th birthday.  We had a fabulous meal and Owen loved playing with all the OLD trucks and tractors that my dad played with when he was little.
Uncle Casey
Aunt Jenna
Happy birthday Philip!

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