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Saturday, December 31, 2011

our "Christmas"

My brother Casey wasn't able to fly in from Ohio until Monday morning, so our usual Christmas Eve tradition was pushed back. It was kinda strange having the first ever celebration in Peoria, but it was still wonderful nonetheless.

We went a little out of order this year.  Usually we do church, dinner, presents.  But because William had to head back and Owen needed to get to bed, we did gifts first.  Dad always reads the Christmas story and then some other small story.  This year, it was the Tale of the 3 Trees, a great story if you've never read it.  My dad also gives us a chapter of one of the books he's writing.  As he reads, I always have the Kleenex ready.  Then we go around and share something we're thankful for from that year and something we need prayer for in the upcoming year.  After that we pray and then can dig into the presents!
learning the alphabet with Elmo
Grandma had to get him some CAT trucks since she works there!
My highlight was getting money for a sewing machine! It should be arriving on Monday. I'm quite excited to get some beginning lessons from my mom and dive into a whole new realm of crafting! After gifts, we cleaned up the massive amounts of tissue paper and boxes and got ready for our tradition of a fondue dinner by candlelight. We heat fondue pots of oil and cook out meats: beef, chicken, shrimp, and pork. It always takes awhile, but it so yummy and fun.  It was a great Christmas!

And here's O playing with one of his awesome gifts from Grandma and Grandpa. Don't know how the video got "flipped."


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