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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hi K!

Here's a great blogging story for today. You never know when you could meet new {potential} friends!

I usually scour Craigslist every few days just to see if there's any great kid deals. I saw a train table posted that was begging for me to come see it. Owen's been really loving his few trains lately and we could always use it at our "coffee table" downstairs when it gets finished someday. Plus, the family lived in Savoy, so it was a quick hike over there to take a peek.

We went over after lunch and met N who showed us the table in the basement. Pretty sure I'm going to get it, just have to double check with the master budgeter of the house. As I was going back upstairs and leaving, a gal who was in the kitchen with N's wife came out and said "you're going to think I'm really weird, but do you have a blog?" Come to find out she saw a comment I made on the babywise website, followed it through to my blog, was excited we were in the same city, and knew that I was going to have an Ellie (a name shared by her little girl). What a small world!

So this is a little shout out to K. We should definitely get together for a play date or outing with our little ones!

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  1. What a crazy small world is all I can say :) Thanks for the shout out. hahaha


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