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Thursday, June 13, 2013

My E and I

I absolutely love how polar opposite my two kids are.  Take this random Tuesday for example.  This was the week after our big birthday bash.  Owen was exhausted and just wanted to be back into our routine.  He was excited about heading to the library, but only after some quiet morning time alone, watching Daniel Tiger (his absolute favorite show - which I adore as well).

He is my introvert.  He has been from day 1.  Those dark, deep eyes have always watched inquisitively, taking his whole world in.  He was not one to give a quick smile.  Those smiles had to be earned.  He's hesitant to tackle new things unless he knows he can succeed.  He loves cuddles and hugs and still adores his momma.

When we arrive at things like the library, Owen always chooses to sit on my lap instead of sitting on the floor with the other kids.  And then there is my E, and not just meaning Ellie, but extrovert.  During this particular story time, Ellie hopped off her chair and proceeded to walk around the room greeting other people.  And then she made herself at the front of the room. . .on the librarians lap.  I just had to laugh (and be thankful that she's one of our favorite librarians who just went with it).

I'm so thankful I get to learn how to parent different personalities as they both stretch me in different ways.  I pray I can encourage them to be their own person, find out what makes them tick, and help them find their unique place in the kingdom!

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