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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Moo Moo, Party Review {the photobooth}

This is it: the last party post.  I have some other fun posts up my sleeve, so I'm ready to moooooove on.  haha, I crack myself up.  I wanted to have a "photobooth" to try and make sure I documented all the people who were there.  My family helped hang up the sheet and a friend, Amy loaned us the hay which was perfect.  Owen has quite the collection of animal puppets so we put those out.  I bought a red boa from Hobby Lobby.
I also used my Silhouette machine and cut out lips and mustaches and stuck them in a mason jar full of popcorn.  Last touch was a couple of word bubbles.
And here's all the wonderful pictures of us and most of the guests:
the picture I used for our thank you's
Gabe, Josiah, Aubrey, and Mataya
my brother, Phip and Kara (my soon-to-be-sis-in-law)
our neighbors, Mark, Kathi, Ty, and Jude
Mike, Julie, Ty, Tate, and Maggie
Ben, Leah, Cohen, and Claire
Jody and Caleb
Erica and Asher
I LOVE this one of my grandparents - Jim and Virginia
Mike, Amy, and Troy
Nathan and Nola
Anne, Matt, Grace, and Caleb
Carrie and Sam
Thank you all for coming and helping us celebrate the two most special people to William and me.  And thanks to all my "readers" for putting up with so many party posts!

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