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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Moo Moo, Party Review {the outfits}

Once my decor was decided, it was time for the kid's outfits.  I waited until the last week to get this done because I bought short sleeve and long sleeve shirts. The weather had been so back and forth, I wasn't sure which ones I was going to need.  For both of their shirts, I used fusible iron on to get the the cow print and the black background to stick to the shirt.  Then I sewed around it with red thread.  Their names were made out of a fuzzy vinyl.  After making them, I wished I had made their names red.  But oh well, no one noticed that except me, right?
I found Ellie's skirt on ebay and scored it for cheap! Loved it so much!
Her headband was my third attempt.  I just didn't love anything I made until this one appeared.  It really could not have been more perfect with the scrabble tile and the 1!
Ellison's red boots also came off ebay and completed her outfit perfectly!

William was simply instructed to wear white or black. Although he donned the cowboy hat quite well.
I found my cute sundress at Kohl's and my friend Kimberly let me borrow her red boots.  The girl (ok her hubby) mailed them to me, how awesome is that?! 

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