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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Moo Moo, Party Review {the inspiration and agenda}

Are you ready for this folks?  The pictures arrived today and it’s time to do some posts about the most amazing party ever (well, in my humble opinion).  Now what the heck am I going to do next year? :)  We’ll just start with my inspiration, how I got ideas, then the agenda and go from there to the decor, food, activities, etc.  I’ll break this up over several posts because of all the {beautiful} pictures.

The theme was easy.  I had been throwing around cow/farm ideas ever since his first birthday, because he has always had a love for cows.  So I started browsing Pinterest and saving all the ideas on a secret board.  (it’s not secret anymore if you want to take a peek).  cow birthday party I started saving pictures that I loved and then made lists.  Lots and lots of lists.Picture 649 My biggest tip for planning a party like this is start early!  Not only was it essential to getting everything done, but I was able to scour the internet and grab some great deals from sites and not worry about getting them here on time.  Gotta love eBay and shipping from China. :)

I knew that with 42 adults and 28 kids, that this party was going to take some major organization on my part. So I approached it like I would have a classroom party with time frames for everything, and stations where I could break up the large number of kids and keep them busy.  So I planned 3 fun stations and made little agendas to hand out when people arrived.
Microsoft Word - party agenda.doc 
I had the kids split up into 3 animal groups.  Each kid got animal sticker that was attached to the agendas.  I simply handed the agenda to the parents as they arrived.  It was a great way to say hello to every family as they came.  This is the only picture I have with the agendas in my hand, welcoming the animal lady. :)Pool-5138Having the agenda was also a great way to make sure people signed the mat I had for Ellie and grabbed their favors on the way out. Now let’s move on to the decor!

all the party links:
inspiration and agenda
decor and favors
the stations - crafts, animals, games
the photobooth
the food



  1. Yay! I have been waiting for the party posts to start!!

  2. Love a good organized party!! Stations are such an ideal way to manage the masses as well as keep your heart at peace knowing everyone has a given task! I admire the hours you committed to planning and executing!


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