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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Moo Moo, Party Review {the game station}

Time to tell you about station #3 in my kiddo's birthday party roundup - the game station!  This might have been my favorite one to plan and I loved watching all the fun the kids had.  And I have to give a shout out to my brother Philip and my soon-to-be-sister-in-law Kara for being awesome game masters.  Seriously, the took their jobs very seriously and helped me pull of this awesome station.  And aren't they just adorable?
So the first thing I did for this station was brainstorm some old fashioned games.  I knew I wanted to make stick hobby horses and then found this great tutorial.  Each horse took me about an evening to make and LOTS of stuffing!  But I think they just turned out darling.  So game #1 was getting the kids to take turns racing the horses.  Of course, every kid was a "winner" and got their other favor, a cowboy hat from Oriental Trading.
Jenna's nice spray paint job
Kara and Philip did a fabulous job demonstrating what the kids were supposed to do for this game:
And the kids were adorable racing to the hay bale.

The next game was suggested by my sister in a brainstorming "meeting" a ways back: sack races!  I was able to find sacks at Prairieland Feeds for just a couple bucks each.   Again, Phip and Kara were excellent models:
And cute racers:
The other game the kids got to play was "milking the cow." In other words, getting water out of rubber glove.  Thanks to Louise who was able to get me white gloves, as opposed to the blue ones you see at most doctor's offices now.  The cow group, which my kiddos were apart of weren't too interested in the races.  But they all loved playing with the cow udders.
All in all, this was a fabulous little station and I'm so thankful it didn't rain as this would not have happened in my living room. :)
even William got in on the action
Yeehaw.  And that's a wrap on the stations. Hungry for the food and cake (review)?

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