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Monday, June 17, 2013

Pinned It, Did It Monday {food tricks & a little bag}

pinned itWhat is this you say?!  Welcome back to Pinned It, Did It Monday.  Just for this week folks.  And maybe you’ll see this pop up a little more this summer as our schedule is just full of fun things!  If you’re new to the blog (welcome!) Pinned It, Did It Monday is where I share a few of the things I’ve actually DONE from Pinterest.  It’s a site that can suck you into hours of just looking at good ideas.   But I want someplace to be accountable to actually doing some of them. :)pin #1Picture I pinned:
Source: The Fastest Way to Peel Garlic from Holiday Sparkle
My review: No picture for me on this one, but you will  definitely want to click on this pin or link and follow the simple directions.  I was shocked that I literally had an entire head of garlic peeled in minutes.  It definitely worked and so simple.  I love garlic, but hate the time it takes to peel it, so I will use this over and over!pin #2As summer is upon us, we love us some good sweet corn.  But I do hate the process of shucking it and getting all those pesky hairs off.  Then I saw this idea.  And my life will never be the same.
Picture I Pinned:
Source: The Magic Corn Trick from Holm Family Cookbook
My picture:Picture 643
My review: Ummm. . .amazing!!  I simply followed all the directions and in just a few minutes, and only one cut with my knife, I had perfectly cooked sweet corn with none of the mess.  It cooks in the microwave, in the husk, and then slides out with a little help.  How am I just now figuring this out.  Seriously, if you eat corn on the cob, follow these directions!!pin 3As a car-loving boy, Owen always has problems of carrying his most loved cars (of the hour) from one place to another.  We carry them from room to room and upstairs and down after nap.  So I wanted a quick easy bag for him to throw some cars in. 
Picture I Pinned:Free simple and quick tote bag. basic bag paisleySource: Simple and Quick Tote Bag from Emmi Grace and Me
My pictures:
Picture 529 Picture 522 Picture 524 Picture 525 Picture 527My review: As much as I try to stay away from licensed, commercial type things. . .he’s falling in love with the Cars movie characters, so I grabbed some fabric that reflected that.  The pattern was a good, beginning bag pattern and would be great to tweak for all sorts of fun totes.  And it’s already had a lot of use, which makes it a worthwhile project in my book.



  1. Just tried your corn trick. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Had to comment before even sitting down to eat it.

    1. Isn't it amazing?! I will never do corn a different way now. So much quicker! :)


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