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Friday, May 31, 2013

Moo Moo, Party Review {the craft station}

Now onto the 3 stations that kept the kids busy for the first half of the party.  The first was the craft station.  We love crafts at our house, so I knew I wanted to do a simple activity station.  I chose 2 very simple projects that even 2 year olds could do in about 10 minutes.  I put everything in a bag with the kid’s name on it and then alphabetized it in a tub, so make it super easy to grab each kid’s project when they arrived at the table.IMG_0167 The first thing was simply a white sheet of cardstock where the kids could attach these foam farm stickers.  They came in a pack of 500 from Oriental Trading and I had split them up ahead of time so every kid got one of each shape.  There were bowls of (new) crayons out on the tables if they wanted to add details to their pictures.  Have I mentioned how much I love new Crayola crayons?

The second project was inspired by my love for Dot Paint Markers.  Do you have these?  Because you should.  We used them tons in my classroom and I loved having an excuse to get them 2 new packs for the party.  They are (almost) mess free painters.Do-A-Dot Art Set, 6/Pkg, RainbowimagesI found these farm animal pages from Oriental Trading that are made specifically for the dot markers.  Each kid got one animal page in his/her bag and the dot markers were just out on the table for the sharing.57_6640 Here’s a few pictures of the station in action:Pool-5169 Pool-5170 Pool-5173 Pool-5177 Pool-5203 Pool-5208 Pool-5210 Pool-5222And that’s it for the craft station.  Short and sweet.  Time to ring the red cowbell and switch stations!

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