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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Party in 4 days!

Oops, forgot to post this yesterday. :)  So you’ll get two sneak peak posts today.  First, I made water bottle labels.  Yes, I know this might be a bit over the top, but for a detail person like me, this is what makes a theme!

I designed them in Photoshop, printed them, covered the labels in contact paper so they could survive an ice bath and then taped them on!Picture 560 Next, to go in front of our barn display on the cupcake table, I wanted to have a “pasture” since the cupcakes will be wrapped in cow print wrappers.  So I grabbed a couple of boxes at Aldi (they’re always free and you’re welcome to them).  Owen helped me put a couple coats of green paint on them.Picture 508 Picture 509 When they were dry, we painted on glue and stuck on green Easter grass.  I got a few bags of the paper version (not the plastic grass) at the dollar store for $.25 on clearance.  Score!Picture 543Picture 544 Picture 545Now we blog-signature-1have several places for our cow cupcakes to “roam.”

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