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Sunday, May 19, 2013

the fence

I realized that I have never blogged about the big change to our backyard - our fence!  But first things first.  Our patio had huge cracks in it when we moved in.  We ignored it for 2 years, but the cracks were getting worse and I was worried about the kids tripping over them.  So we had someone from our church (who does concrete work) to come and fix it!  They ended up taking the whole patio out and starting over, it was in pretty rough shape.  The great thing about this is that we were able to extend the patio by about 5 feet which, while not huge, FEELS huge.
After the patio was fixed, the utility people came and marked the yard for the utility lines.
Then, finally on May 1. . .the guys came to start.  We went with a dark gray aluminum fence.  No staining wood every few years for this lady. :)  It took them 2 days to get everything done.
digging the holes
all the supplies
posts are in
kiddos watching them work
Of course, we were only worried about one thing - them hitting one of our irrigation lines for our sprinkler system. And of course, they hit 3 of them.  But they made good on their word and came the next morning and fixed them at their cost.
I am love with this fence!  So great to be able to keep our kiddos contained. :)  Not as big of a deal for Owen as I anticipate it will be for my gregarious and always-on-the-move girl.

If you're local and wanting to know who we used, it was Main Street Fencing.  Several people had recommended them and we liked our consultation with them the best.  In general, we would totally recommend them.  A little hard to communicate with as they never answer the phone, but we were very happy with their work!

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