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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

first time in nursery

Sunday, the 9th was a big day for the O-man. It was his first time in the church nusery. He is still so good during church and usually just takes a little nap in my arms. But I knew that at 7 months, it was time to start some socializing. So after praying that he woudlnt' catch any germs, we dropped him off in the nursery for 2nd service. I defeinitely think it was harder on me than on him. Ms. Gwynn (and other helpers) took good care of him, although she said he was only happy about 60% of the time. Why didn't they call me?! He was pretty red faced when I picked him up because he wasn't able to fall asleep. I'm sure this will get easier right?

Mom likes to dress me in ridiculous things sometimes.
I got my name tag!
I'm ready to go in!
Thanks Ms. Gwynn for taking good care of me!


  1. For some reason, I can't see any pictures, just little boxes with x's. :-(

  2. Did that fix it? Hmm. . .I wonder what happened?

  3. He's SO cute! It'll get easier, mom... it'll get easier :) So precious!

  4. I know God is making a way for you, when I think of all that you have accomplished, and how God has blessed you in the short time that I have had the blessing to know you, I see a woman who wanted to be a loving wife with all her heart, and she is. I see a woman who wanted to be the best mother, and she is. I see a woman who wanted to dedicate herself to the path, and help others on that path, and she does. I just know that supreme blessings are in store for you. I can literally see the doors opening for you and William.....I just know that a way will be made where you and William can share all of your many talents, and gifts....I love you, you inspire me, and I pray for you every day. Love, Duane P.S. Kiss the little man for me, ok?

  5. I don't know why they didn't page you. We went through that with Alex in the beginning too. I just started to tell them to page me if he was upset for more than 5 minutes. That way I could relax through service, knowing (at least believing) that they would come get me if he was upset and if my pager wasn't going off then he was OK. But now Alex loves going to the nursery and happily says bye and blows kisses as I drop him off.

    Congrats on taking the plunge...I think it was around 8 months that we finally (ok, I finally) decided to bring Alex to the nursery-and that was because I hadn't actually heard a sermon in months because unlike Owen, Alex wouldn't just take a nap in my arms. If he did he might still be in service with us. :)


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