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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

random thoughts

- Last week, Owen was getting up every 40 min-1 hour all night, every night. So since William is home this week (see Owen's 7 month post if you don't know why he's home) we decided we better get back to crying it out. That way he can help during some of the cry sessions. Tonight Owen has slept from 7ish until now as I'm typing this (11:15). He must have know his mom had procrastinated on finishing her talk for Mom2Mom tomorrow morning and needed the time.

- Since we're on a very strict spending freeze right now, I've been forced to cook from the pantry. This is actually something I should make myself to do more often because I forget all the things I stock in there. Last night, I made this Moroccan Spiced Chickpea Soup (minus the spinach which I didn't have). It was fabulous!

- Thanks for all the prayers about William's job and well, the chaos of our life right now. I have no update for you. So just keep us in your prayers for awhile longer.

- I am currently obsessed with Grey's Anatomy. How have I not watched this show from the beginning?!? Thanks to Netflix Streaming, I'm now moving on to season 3 and can. not. stop.

- Owen has found out how to blow bubbles/spit. It's adorable until he finds out how to do it with prunes in his mouth as he did tonight.

-I was at my mom's getting a few pictures for my powerpoint for tomorrow's talk. I found this picture of me. Maybe Owen looks a little more like me than people give me credit for. :)
That's it. Night Night.


  1. oooh pantry cooking. So fun! When it comes down to that for us, is a great site. You type in the ingredients you have, and it comes up with recipes for you!

    I am also obsessed with Grey's :) Once you get caught up let me know, we could get together on Thursday nights and watch it!

  2. Jill - how have I never seen that site?! Amazing. Thanks so much for the link!

  3. I started to watch Grey's Anatomy since you said it was on Netflix. I can't stop either

  4. Amanda - Just wait. It only gets better!

  5. I'm in season 2 with the two people attached by a pole and having a really, really hard time not crying.

  6. so in the preview of your blog on my dashboard, it showed that picture of you and i thought it was a picture of owen! i didn't realize how much he takes after you!!

  7. I believe you are right!!! He does looks just like his momma, doesn't he????!!!! Look at that!!!!Well, that little stinker!!! You two look like twins,and I think he stole your chubby cheeks and piercing eyes!!! I swear it!!!You both are very, very photogenic!!And, you do look just alike!!!Credit is definitely due, little momma!!!!! Love you....... Auntie Du


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