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Monday, January 31, 2011

saving and giving

So no update on the job front for William. We're praying that a company he's been doing some contract work will come through and offer him a job in the next week or two. Until then, we're just sitting tight, packing a few boxes here and there and reworking our budget to save every penny we can.

Around Christmas time, I found out about this thing called Grocery University. It's a 2 hour, 19 minute audio course that's supposed to teach me everything about saving money on my grocery bill. It's usually $24.99, but if you watch for a sale, I downloaded it for $5. I'm only through the first couple sections, but I'm looking forward to learning how to save and being able to pass on some tips.

Despite the fact that we're feeling pretty pinched. . .God has still been very faithful to take care of all our needs. And I'm still hearing that we're supposed to continue giving what we normally do. And we've had a few other opportunities to give lately. I'm pretty excited this first one. Our church is collecting old prom/bridesmaid dresses to give to high school girls in our community who could not afford to buy them. I love this. I have tons of dresses that have just been hanging out in my closet. No offense to any of you whose wedding I have been in and have hoped that I'd wear the dress again. Who ever wears bridesmaid dresses again? Doesn't happen. So here is a sample of some of the dresses I dropped off at church this week. I think I took 8 of them. I really loved all these dresses and the memories that came with them. I hope the next gal who wears them love them too. If you have any dresses you want to give, just let me know and I'll take them off your hands for a good cause.
Another small thing I've been prompted to do this week is give (a small amount from my Etsy earnings) to 1000 Cloth Diapers for Ethiopian Orphans. I follow multiple adoption blogs which always have a way of bringing me to tears. One that I love is Lauren at Poppie Lane. Her and her husband are bringing home their baby Tucker soon and when I read her post about the need for diapers, I had to give something. Read that particular post here:

PS - Like the polaroids? I downloaded this quick software. You might be seeing a few more of these.

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  1. but Em, I picked that dress so you'd be able to wear it again! hahahahaha! soooo not offended and i'm glad it's going to a good cause!


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