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Sunday, January 30, 2011

rolled fabric necklace

A few weekends ago we hung out with the M's and C's before the C's made their big move to Tennessee. I was wanting to make something small for Becky and Summer and since I've been on a rolled flower making roll (pun intended). Thought I'd share a small tutorial on how I made them. Please excuse the terrible pictures. It was late and dark. So first, gather your supplies. You will need a glue gun, scissors, some random fabric you have laying around, a small piece of felt, and a necklace/chain (I got mine from Hobby Lobby for $2).A great way to get fabric is to take an old t-shirt that you're never going to wear anymore and cut away. I know a few people will enjoy the shirt I chose to use:Cut a strip about 1.5" by 12" long. Start on one end and hot glue it in half.
Start by rolling the end super tight a couple times.
Then put a dot of hot glue on one edge. Then taking the fabric, roll it clockwise or away from the middle of the flower. Secure it with the hot glue dot.

Continue this process around and around.
As you go, there will be a "stem" of sorts that makes it easy to hold onto.Continue until you have the size of flower you want. Cut the fabric so you have about and inch left.Then turn the flower over and cut off the "stem" (for lack of a better word).Then, cover the back of the flower with hot glue.Put the piece of fabric over the hot glue.Cut off the excess fabric.Make some more. Lots more. Then pick out 3 and place them onto a piece of felt. Hot glue them down once you like their position.
Cut around the excess of the felt. You don't want it to show, it's just to add stability.I bought an actual necklace that was on one piece as opposed to 2 pieces of chain. So I had to cut my necklace in half. It was actually pretty easy; must have been a cheap necklace. Glue one end to each end of the back of the felt. I them glued another piece of small felt over the chain so it wouldn't scratch a neck.
And there you go. A little rolled fabric necklace. I'm off to make a few more in different colors.


  1. Hehe.... The shirt.... Hehehe...

    Email me sometime about when you guys are going to be around for a visit. I am going to try and catch some other people in Champaign for lunch or dinner, but I would like to plan around the P crew. :)

  2. Girl, I really envy your craft-y-ness!

  3. Ooooo! I can't wait to try this! I love your craft posts - along with all of your other posts. ;)

  4. Question: how do you minimize the glue gun fly-aways? I'm making one for my sister-in-law and the pink flowers show glue here and there. Maybe gray fabric is the way to go? ;) ... And now I get the comment about your shirt after taking a closer look. :P

    ps. assuming you're on ravelry, what's your username? mine is viveval.. I want to see what else you're up to!

  5. val - sending you an email :)


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