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Sunday, June 19, 2011

my cousin's wedding

Yesterday was a big day for my cousin (well and for us). Audra and Eric got married! The wedding was so reflective of Audra's personality and she looked like she had stepped out of bridal magazine. Please excuse the terrible iphone pictures.  We're so excited for them and we love our new cousin, Eric!  It was a big night for us in the sense that we were baby-free. We left Owen with Sarah, who I used to babysit for when she was little. What a strange feeling. But he did great for her and even went to sleep without too much trouble. Here's a few (terrible phone) pictures of the awesome time we had with friends, family, and an open bar:
they're married!
William was the one who suggested he wear his pink tie to match my dress.  Aww.
yes, this is a pic of nothing, but it shows the cute yellow color scheme.  the girls all got to pick their own dresses.
a horse drawn carriage.  but don't get me started on the grumpy lady whose horse is in the wrong business.
the ice sculpture.  yes, their monogram spells AWE.

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