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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Prairie Farm

Owen has been really starting to love animal noises.  He says moo very clearly and is definitely partial to cows.  So, on Friday, I decided it was high time that Owen had his first visit to Prairie Farm. I have such great memories of this place as a kid. Many of you may not remember this, but it used to have this great place you could jump off into piles of hay. They probably stopped that due to liability reasons or something. I even got to volunteer there one summer and I remember fondly my duties of taking care of the bunnies. Here's a few (not so great) pictures from the day.  Of course, the cows were sleeping tucked back in their pen so we couldn't see them.  Guess we'll have to go back.  Maybe with friends.
excuse the dirty spot on lens.  he liked the piggies.
umm, mom what are you doing?
best of all the terrible self-portraits
but i wanna go over there!
Owen was fascinated and yet terrified of this little horse in the petting area

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