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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

neighborhood park

So, I'm loving our neighborhood! Really loving it. I've made a little diagram of our surrounding houses and am filling in names and info as I get to know the people around us. Right across the street from us, M and C just brought home their preemie who was born before Owen's birthday. I'm excited to take them a meal this week and begin the process of getting to know them more!

Another reason we love this place, the park that's just a few little blocks away! It will be so much fun when Owen is running around. Right next to the park they are building the new elementary school. Yesterday, Owen and I headed over to take a look at all the excitement. He amazed me with how long he sat and looked at all the tractors. A couple drove be real close to us and even waved. We finished it off with a little swinging time and I think I had one happy little man.
hanging out in the stroller taking it all in

a view from his seat
we watched this one for a long time as he was scooping rock
this kid loves to swing

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