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Thursday, August 4, 2011

the new kiddos in my life

Well, we made it though 2 days this week of childcare with one more to go tomorrow. I've been praying so much for Owen that he'd do well with the other kids and that his health would also be protected since he hasn't been around tons of other kids except in the nursery.  He seems to be taking it in stride.  There have been a few meltdowns, especially involving his current favorite truck, and we're still working on how to get him to sleep without my help as much.  And he's also taking up biting again while nursing.  Payback for mom?  Not sure about that one.  But anywhoo, here's a few pictures from our first day on Monday and then today.
last minute prep to try and help A's (dads) cat allergies
the boys didn't waste any time getting almost every toy out
milk break
snack time!
Time to color.  ok, well Owen ate the crayons, but C colored!
*disclaimer - you will notice food or milk in almost every picture. No, we don't eat and drink all day long. This is the only moment these boys are still enough for me to grab my camera. :)

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