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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

our week these days

We are finally settling into our new schedule! We had to do some tweaking to our childcare schedule because it was WAY too much to have kiddos everyday. I felt like I really wasn't being the momma I wanted to be to Owen, so we had to sadly say goodbye to one of the families I was watching. But it worked out great for everyone in the end.  So now, we only have Miss S on Mondays and Wednesdays all day. She is such a sweetie. She's just a couple months older than Owen, and they're getting along great. It's adorable to watch them climb the stairs together to get ready for nap time (and she goes right to sleep. how do I get one of those?).  Owen points to her room when he gets up as if to ask when she'll be up to play.  On Tuesdays, we get to play with Miss E and Miss L for a few hours as well which is really fun!  That leaves us Thursdays and Friday for just us, heading to the library, and time to actually get some grocery shopping done. :)  It's been fun seeing O have a play made and it's nice to also feel like I'm contributing (a little bit) to our mini-van savings plan!
making sure all her special things are safe from Owen :)

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