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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hootin' and Hollerin' Hootenanny

Today was a super fun family day! The gorgeous 70 degree weather felt like fall instead of the end of July.  We love us a trip to Prairie Farms and so we've had this event on our calendar for awhile.  Today was their Hootin' and Hollerin' Hootenanny event.  It was packed full of people, story tellers, music, tractor rides, bounce houses, food, and of course, the animals. 
checking out the goats in the petting area
he was pretty brave, despite not showing it here
notice her left cheek.  this is the before picture.
checking out the rabbit

time for a tractor ride!
notice Ellie's cheek now - she had a nice fall and now has a bruise :(
we waited a LONG time for this.  He was scared to go in, but then did awesome jumping!
Ellie wishes she could be jumping
He even went through the big kid "race".  I had to help him with the wall, but he did everything else!
checking out the tractor
All in all, a fabulous event and wonderful time just hanging out as a family!

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