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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Owen's new ride

So for awhile now, William has really wanted to get Owen a power wheels car.  I'm been strongly opposed.  Because really?!  What 3 year old needs his own set of wheels?  Doesn't he need to be running and maybe riding a bike?  But then I saw this posting on the C/U Garage Sale page.  It was a lady I used to teach with in Rantoul.  I emailed her immediately and after agreeing on an even lower price than she asked, we made plans to drive to her house after naptime.  

Owen was SO excited.  It wasn't charged up and I think he about died when I told him it wouldn't be ready until the next day.  So we spent a little time cleaning his car up and pretending to fill up the tires and give it some gas.  He had fun pushing all the buttons and pretending to drive.

Finally the next day, he got to go for a drive.  This isn't his first run, but as you can tell, he's in some desparate need for some driver's ed.  But he loves his new wheels.  And I think William is enjoying living vicariously through his son. :)


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