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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

my flowers

I am just in love with my flowers that are in full bloom!  My mom planted (and still plants) zinnias in her flower bed by the light post growing up.  I always think of her as I plant and watch them grow.  Per my grandma's instructions I plant my seeds after Mother's Day in May.  They start blooming when they're quite short, but by July/August. . .they're tall and gorgeous.  I love that I can cut a ton of these for inside and you can't tell there are any missing.  And they keep blooming until the first frost.  Love them!
These low zinnas started out as straggly little single flowers.  And now, they're huge and full.  A very low maintenance flower that is so pretty.
My mom also gave me a pack of wildflower seeds.  We had no idea what to expect after we scattered them, but they're coming up very pretty.  There are about 6 colors peeking through a variety of pretty flowers.  I would love to do these all along my back fence line!
Lovin all the color in my yard.  Maybe next year I'll actually get my raised planter boxes for a garden?!

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