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Friday, July 19, 2013

the latest

Noticed a lack of posts lately?  Sorry faithful readers. :)  Expect a bunch coming up this weekend, and I may backdate to make them look like I posted closer to the actual event days.  But let’s see, why no posts.  Oh, you know the crap’s just been hitting the fan around here.  I mean seriously, this needs to get written down for posterity sake.  I thought I may be losing my mind.  Or may be pregnant. (let’s be clear on that one, I am NOT!)
  • Our WIC was up for renewal and I realized I had lost my WIC folder.  Not the biggest of deal, but I did have good coupons that I wanted to use and all my July farmer’s market coupons were in there.  Stinky to basically lose that money.
  • Then, I could not for the life of me find my kids social security cards.  They were gone.  Not something smart to lose.
  • Then I lost my zip drive that holds all my information for my side job of data entry.  It was gone.
  • We got a (huge) bill for Owen’s 3 year old appointment.  What?  Called his insurance to find they had dropped him.  With no letter to us of course.  Started the process of scrambling to try and re-enroll him.  Needed those lost social security cards.
  • William did not get a job that he applied for (although props to him for making in to the top 2 out of 40+)
  • Our van DVD player went out.  Then our portable DVD players broke.  (have I mentioned we’re driving 9 hours in a few weeks)
  • The locks stopped working in the van.
  • Our garbage disposal broke.
Whew.  It’s been an exhausting, not fun month.  And Owen has decided that he current reaction to everything is screaming at the top of his lungs.  Not a post to get pity, just want to document the craziness.
And I’ll be happy to note that:
  • a new DVD player is on the way and the dealer fixed the locks on the van
  • William is so handy that he had no problem installing a new garbage disposal
  • thanks to my mom, William, and words of knowledge all my lost items have been found
  • I’m working closely with Gary from All Kids to get everything right with insurance
  • I’m not pregnant – I took a cheapy test and two lines came up.  I panicked and then took a “real” test.  It was negative.  I was puzzled.  Until I looked closer at the little plastic wrapper on the cheap test and realized it was an ovulation test.  Oops.
  • William may have another job offer out of the blue (more details to come next week!)
Here’s to a much less eventful rest of the summer!

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  1. I'm sorry! What a rough month! So glad you found your missing things.


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